My Story part 1

My cancer crapstorm started back in October 2018. I was working for a seed grading facility just out of Moree. One particular day we dispatched some bulka bags of seed from our storage facility and myself and the boys all ended up with bites. Me been me googled what it was and promptly went to the pharmcy to get some cream. I was only bitten a few times verses the boys who were covered in what my googling told me were bird mite bites.

Then a few weeks after the bites healed up and i realised i had a lump on my left boob, like mm away from where i was bitten by the mites. After some days going nahh it will be ok, its nothing ect. I decided on a trip back to Narrabri to see my Dr and get his opinion. That visit ended up with me having an ultrasound in Moree and then back to Narrabri to get the results. In hindsight getting these results before your heading to a polocrosse christmas party wasnt the best timing.

My doctor was like you need to go and see this specialist in Tamworth, Dr Frank Sardelic whom i knew off and had spoken to numerous times from when i worked in the pharmacy in Narrabri. Dr Ojah in Narrabri emphasied time was important, if i couldnt get into see Frank in the next week i was to let him know as it was that urgent.

When you have your doctor telling you that you know the shit is real and not something you can push aside and ignore. So then fast forward a trip to Tamworth to see Frank and get so many tests as well as a biopsy. Which he called in his nurse to do on a Saturday morning, another instance i knew it was pretty serious as he didnt work Saturdays. 3 days later i get the results i was hoping id never get… its cancer Kristy and we need you in surgey asap… cue the tears/emotions and the WTF moments. It was only at this point i had told family as i was in the middle of moving house and didnt want to aknowledge it myself, cause keeping it secret just made it not real i thought.

2 days after i had that call from surgeon Frank i was in surgey in Tamworth having a mastectomy.

That surgey went well, i am lucky i come out and recover from them quick. And pretty much wake and go im hungry and i need to pee lol… What i didnt plan/expect is how many muscles you have in your chest area and how i would have to learn to reuse my arm ect.

After 4 days in TBH i was allowed to head back home to recover. I was on leave from work and spent the next 4 weeks poking around home playing ponies and dachshunds… i was bored shitless and so keen to return to work when the boys went back after christmas 2018.

Stay tuned for part 2 which will entail my chemo & radiation treatments


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