Mental Health

This is a topic that’s been floating there for a while with me… a few weeks ago was the ‘Are you ok day’ and it got me 💭 thinking 🤔

Whilst having a day for it and numerous people sharing / asking are you ok (which is awesome don’t get me wrong) it made me think of the other 364 days in the year… what happens there ??

Can you really tell how someone is feeling/going ? Can you recognise the signs ? And this will be very controversial but what did you do about it 🤷‍♀️

So many times I see the comment if they had only spoke up, if I had known. Well what would you have done if they did ?? Did they maybe tell you a snippet, a side comment and you brushed it off, were they holding onto some kind of normal for themselves working to distract themselves, were they spending more time with their horses / dogs ect…. All the while they seem ok with a huge smile on their faces 🤔

Probably the reason for this post is as some are aware I have struggled more mentally this time around. But would you actually know ?? Probably not cause on the outside and 99% of the time you see a women who is working full time, running her online business, smiling and enjoying her horses….

And those things at times are what is keeping me sane, keeps you going when there are days when you are ready to quit the cancer crapstorm and walk away from it all…

You might see it as a waste of time/money having horses in the yards, the rugging feeding, looking after them ect but knowing you have an animal that depends on you to be fed ect makes you get up at out of your chair when all you wanna is give up and not deal with the medical appointments, the side affects , the everything that goes with it …. Its exhausting and mentally draining.

Please don’t assume because someone appears to be functioning well at life that they don’t have these moments. And if someone happens to mention to you they are struggling please help them. Please be there for them.

Don’t just post on social media afterwards…

Just my thoughts…

I am extreamly grateful for the person i am and can see these signs within myself. But i know there are people out there that are not like me and are struggling so much… So please be there for them cause it isnt bloody easy…

💗 KB

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