6 Months on

First of all apologies for the lack of posts since i finished radiation on Christmas eve 2020.

If you follow my facebook page you would have seen i went back to work on boxing day, which was both good and bad. It distracted me from the radiation burn pain whilst i got to catch up with all my customers.

I kinda expected that i would go back to how i was before the 2nd mastectomy, how wrong was i. First of all we (drs and me) decided to start an injection that would stop my ovaries doing their job. As both my cancers were hormone related. Ok not a problem ill get a massive arsed injection every 28 days…. Then cue the emotions cause what that injection does is supress your hormones.

I have days where i can be smiling and have tears rolling out of my eyes at the same time. Then throw in days where your drugs don’t all arrive for treatment at the hospital because a script ran out, and you have no control over that. Then i was flooded in for a week where i was due for treatment which stressed me out cause i was thinking if I don’t have those drugs in me the cancer will grow (of course studies don’t back that up its just how your mind works when you are dealing with the cancer crapstorm), then cause of delayed treatment due to flooding i wasn’t able to stay in my rotation which meant another meltdown at the nurses as i was never told this.

I am a person who schedules and plans 95% of my life, its my way to control things cause with cancer you actually have no control over that and that is a bitter pill to swallow when your a control freak. So there was a few meltdowns and slight tantrums with all that above.

I try not to be an arsehole about it but i am still working fulltime (i have no option for benefits, never have even when i had weeks off recovering) and when i take days off work to attend this appointments and treatment’s that is on my dime (or sick leave which is very thin atm). So when im told oh you will have to come back tomorrow or next week i loose my shit cause that is more $$$ i am forking out with either fuel to drive into town and or another day off.

Anyways that is a quick update on the last 6 months. I will post some other significate issues/stories that have also happened in that 6 months. But i feel they need their own post


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