I was naive 😐

I don’t share my breast cancer story for the likes or the comments….. honestly I wish I didn’t have a story to tell 😐

I share in the hope that what I’ve been through and continuing to go through just might save 1 person from dealing with the same crapstorm I have. Prevention is better than cure or living with it for the rest of your life 💞

I thought I had a very good understanding of what was involved having worked in the dispensary at the pharmacy in Narrabri for 6 years. I was the one on the other side of the counter handing out the Chemo drugs, the tablets to stop nausea, the pain tablets and the bloody hormone tablets….

Little did I know that would become my normal and I would be the one dealing with it myself… I was very naive about how the chemo/radiation treatments affected the body. How the bloody hormone tablets and the IV Herceptin & Perjenta gave you daily side affects…

Some include –

Aching bones

Carpel tunnel syndrome



Crying and emotional for no reason

Hot flushes



Memory issues

That is why I share, if my posts his home and make you go get that lump checked it was all worth it IMO. I am very open and have been right from the beginning about what I’ve gone through. Each to there own about what they share and their reasons.

💞 KB

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