It isn’t always sunshine

The face and pictures you don’t generally see…. 😳😬

Yes I suppose I’m handling it all pretty well considering however those bloody hormones just seem to get you out of no where…. but

After a shit night sleep and well they all are lately anyways 💁‍♀️ thanks to the Armidex tablets and Zoladex injection…. I just couldn’t stop the tears this morning. Probably because my radiation treatments have started blistering and hurting like a bitch in the last few days…. I have those moments where I look in the mirror and think how much more can my body take. And then I tell myself to stop been a ‘little bitch and suck it up’ 👊

It’s a necessary evil to kill off those last few cancer cells that surgery couldn’t get cause it was too close to the edge of the skin… you know it will help and most likely get it all but fuck me it hurts with every move you make.

Just a little sidenote ladies and gents if you feel a lump or changes please get it checked out. The amount of people I’ve had message me and say oh I’ve had this lump for ages I probably should get it checked out 🤦‍♀️ amazes me.

I found my lump both times myself and I was at the GP and having ultrasounds, biopsy and scans done within a week…. please do not leave it months or years. If they catch it early enough it is easier to treat…

I wouldn’t wish what I’ve gone through on anyone 😞

💞 KB

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