Follow Up

Well that follow up with my surgeon and radiation doctor didn’t quite go to to my plan….

Yesterday i had a consult with my radiation doctor. I hadn’t seen her since she sent me home last June after my last stint on radiation on the left side. She was so shocked to see me back again so soon. Which i replied you should know its the ‘Kristy shitshow’ you know how it rolls. After looking at all my scans & results in the last few weeks she says to me …’ Kristy we will need to do radiation again (which i expected as my surgeon had already told me ) we will need to do 5 weeks worth again… to which this beautiful and most likely well mannered lady doctor heard me say ‘oh you’ve got to be fuckin kidding me’. Her facial expression just cracked me up and i was like ok if that’s what needs to happen that’s ok. But are are sure we need to do that much again? Yep she tells me.

So it was decided i would go back in 3 weeks to be ‘mapped’ out so they know where to hit my chest with the radiation. Cant say im keen for this but it is the lesser evil out of it and chemo (which i am yet to speak to my oncologist if i will need, he was confident before my surgery so we will just wait and see i suppose)

Then it was off to have a follow up with my surgeon. The most loveliest man you will ever meet. I do feel sorry for him having to drop the latest crapstorm on me. I can usually tell by his face if its going to be bad now. We went through the lab results in detail and this time the cancer was Mucinous Carcinoma

So it was a different type to my first diagnosis (Invasive Ductual Carcinoma ) but both for whatever reason started in the milk ducts. Just like last time it was bloody hormone positive. Like geez maybe that’s why I’ve been a hormonal lunatic for the last 20 years ….. It wasn’t as small as my surgeon had thought either, measuring a total of 6cm. So i am glad i made the decision before to have another mastectomy as been that size i would have had no other option. And well as much as i liked my boobs if cutting them off was going to safe my life it was a no brainer for me… After all boobs only get in the way when your riding the horses .

Then he checked his work, which i had informed him you didn’t make my scars even …. and he wasn’t happy. I had been on oral antibiotics since last Friday as i noticed some redness in the incision site. He tells me ‘Kristy you need to be on IV antibiotics, i need to admit you to hospital’ well you can all imagine my response to that one …. so after some negations we decided i would head home and grab some clean clothes and my laptop to keep me sane and head into ED in Warialda for the weekend where they could pump me with some drugs.

So that peeps is where i am typing this update from… Bored shitless but just in another location this time. Oh and i was super prepared this time and packed my own tomato sauce for just in case


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  1. David says:

    My mom had breast cancer too. First time was in 1971, at 41. Back then, the surgical (only) solution was a radical mastectomy, which is quite disfiguring. It didn’t matter to her if it was. She had a recurrence in 1992 and had a simple mastectomy. Both mom and her surgeons were quite pleased her lymph nodes returned negative, both times, so she didn’t need chemo or radiation. The oncologists agreed. After the recurrence, she did have to do the 5-yr course on tamoxifen, and the regular follow-up. The oncologist told mom in 2005 I think we can lean back on the yearly follow-up. There was nothing in the labs to indicate any kind of recurrence or something else popping up.

    It sounds like you’re a tough girl, and I’m sure you’ll do fine. I hope you got fixed up right. 🙂

    Horses, that’s my daughters’ province. They primarily showjump, but ride hunter too. They have 8 FEI qualified horses, 2 in development, looking at another 2 or 3. In between, all three are in medical school. They haven’t firmly decided on a specialty just yet, they have time in that regard. It keeps them busy.

    Keep well.


    1. Thankyou David, it’s interesting to hear how ladies were treated back in the 80’s from this shitty disease. If it wasn’t for them and all research then sit of us wouldn’t still be here living our lives



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