Post op #2

Well its 9 days now since i had my 2nd mastectomy and im doing bloody well actually.

I had the surgery on the Friday, 11th September and all went well. Short surgery this time round at only 1.5 hours. When i woke in the recovery i knew then my surgeon didn’t have to take many nodes cause i could feel my arm and had lots of movement. He confirmed this when i seen him on the Saturday.

I stayed in TBH till the Sunday and then was discharged and headed back home to Gravesend to rest. I only had 1 drain in this time round which has also been a blessing as those suckers hurt more than the actual mastectomy scar.

Safe to say im bored shitless at home but trying to rest and relax as i have managed to get a slight infection in the scar which is healing up quite nicely. I also still have heaps of movement in the arm which is good and hopefully my recovery this time round is shorter.

I was due for my Herceptin & Perjenta on Tuesday after surgery and i wanted to stay on the same schedule with these and also make sure that bloody port ive got would work and do his job. After a few hiccups (slight temps, bloods out of wack and blood pressure dropping) my oncologist allowed me to have treatment but only after we ran more bloods and had a chest xray to make sure fluid wasn’t building around my scar.

I have an appointment back with the surgeon this coming week so he can check how im going post op and im hoping to get an appointment with my radiation doctor on the same day as it looks like ill need to do that again cause my margins are quite as clear as we were hoping.

The cancer this time around is a different type to it was in my first diagnosis, but once again the sucker started in my milk ducts. It was another quick bloody growing lump as i had a PET scan which was clear in the May and then 2 months later would feel a lump myself. Once again no symptoms and well i was looking so fit and healthy you would never suspect what was lurking below. Even now post surgery if i didn’t have that drain still in you wouldn’t even know i had major surgery only a few days back….

My theory all along is to keep doing what you do. I’ve had people question this and more so this time around. Which pisses me right off, its MY LIFE and i will do what i want. I’m not going to sit there and play the poor me pity card. Research has shown those who exercise and keep working have a more prolonged life and well you know what it keeps you mentally sane. Cause dealing with cancer imo is more a mental game than anything else. If you go down that dark path it is very hard to get back. This is why i will continue to do what im doing. Some people will not get it or understand why i do what i do and thats ok cause you dont have to, i have quite a few people who know me extremely well and know this is me sick or not. I don’t give in very easily and i believe this is why i beat it the 1st time round and managed to do everything i did last year. My life is my life and i will continue to live it exactly how i want. I’ve had a smile on my face for months cause i am truly happy for once doing what i want. And if anyone takes anything from my crapstorm please take this….. live your life and do what makes you happy everyday …Don’t worry about what others think or say

Having the right mindset & attitude can literally change your life


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