Prep has began

So a few days ago i got my surgery date and this time around i have a week to prepare. Unlike last time where i had 1.5 days to sort my shit. So plenty happening in the last few days and today i’m hoping to get everything done so then i wont have much to do or lift in the next few weeks.

I had 3 horses in the yards and considering i wont be able to ride for, well if you listen to the doctors possibly 8 -10 weeks but we all know i wont listen. If someone will saddle up Fatboy Cruise for me ill be on him in a week or two i reckon. Anyways yesterday i decided to turn Santenor out to have a holiday running with MF in the big paddock. And just maybe give MF the attitude adjustment he needs from a cranky old gelding.

At this stage Cruise & Lenny will stay in the yards and keep me a little sane. When you go from working full time to everything else i do to and then been forced to rest you go crazy if you don’t have anything to do…

So at this stage i will head over to Tamworth Thursday night to go into surgery early Friday morning. My surgeon is confident in his words ‘this isn’t as bad as last time Kristy’. It potentially is a slightly different cancer than before and until we get into surgery and cut it out and then have it tested we wont know for sure what type it is….. What we do know is i caught it pretty quick. 2.5 months from last PET scan when i felt that lump.

Side-note ladies please feel those boobs often. Don’t go oh ill be fine please get them checked out asap. All lumps need to be investigated….

I should be only in TBH for the weekend and head home on the Monday, which i told him that’s all you will be getting off me . Even that will be a struggle for me to stay in hospital for 3 days.

Thats me out for the time been


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