Life is unpredictable….

So its been a good while since i posted and honestly i was having too much fun living my life to do new blog posts….

So quick recap on the last 10 months… i had PET scans last October and they confirmed i was cancer free. The chemo & radiation did there job and killed it all off. I am under 3 monthly scans and passed them in January and then again in May of this year. Which kept me in complete remission for 10 months. I was living a pretty good life, started a new job at the beginning of the year after my last one i was made redundant. Riding the horses even Lenny the young one.

Life was good until ……

The crapstorm came back 3 weeks ago and i felt another lump in the right breast this time. I knew as soon as i felt it that it had come back, despite me trying to be positive for everyone and maybe just trying to kid myself as well. It felt the same as the last time. I was rushed into ultrasounds, biopsies and more scans which i was already scheduled for anyways. What is amazing is how quickly the bloody thing grows. The PET scan that was done in May showed no evidence of cancer…. nothing at all. Then less than 3 months later i would feel a lump that was confirmed as the same type of breast cancer i had been diagnosed in December 2018. Hormone positive and HER 2 positive.

So now i am heading to see my surgeon tomorrow and talk about the plan of attack . Hopefully it will just be surgey and no more chemo cause ill be real pissed if i loose my hair again. I was starting to really like it


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  1. Judy Orman says:

    You are simply amazing!! I follow your journey and your positivity is above and beyond. Keep going Kristy.


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