And im back playing polox

Last weekend i headed down to Gully polox, not to just watch and take photos but to actually play myself.

It was 12 months to the day since i stepped off playing Cruise back there in 2018. Playing at least a game of polox was always on my to do list since they told me my diagnosis and surgery. I had been riding at home and practicing a little bit with the racket but for those who have played before its just not quite the same as a game.

Your horse, well mine does tends to get abit more excited and pull. Which was a concern as my left arm isnt as strong as it as before but old Cruisey boy looked after me and didnt carry on too much.

I was lucky enough to play in a section of ladies from the Bri and the other section from Cassilis. Amazing ladies and they looked after me all weekend. We managed to get Runners Up in the C Grade Womens comp which was exciting. Hell i was just happy to be back riding and playing but getting a prize was the icing on the cake.

So many people had questioned me if i should be back playing, which only pissed me off and made me more determined. 1 thing i cannot stress enough is to live YOUR life everyday, do what you want and dont wait for the perfect time. Cause honestly that perfect time most likely will never come. I will continue to do what i want and if that means competing my horses than that’s what im going to do . I believe that riding and having my horses have helped me so much.

Now im off to plan if ill do another carnival before season ends or head to some shows. ..


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  1. anne leueen says:

    Great to see you are back in the game!!


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