Genetic Testing

A few weeks ago, well maybe months now. I was requested by a genetics specialist to be tested as i had no family history of cancer and apparently cause at 38 i was young, fit and healthy otherwise to get BC and have the severity of it that i did.

So they gave me the paperwork to get bloods done and also a shitload of pamphlets to read. Which of course i didn’t read. I wasn’t overly concerned with what they would find really as i already had my diagnosis so was more a formality to see if i did carry the gene and if i did i would let my family members know so they could be tested.

After like 8/9 weeks i got the results back, i got a phone call from the nurse and just like all the rest of BC saga i was once again unusual. Maybe that is just me anyways 🙂 There was no results as such, nothing came up that they were able to test for atm. But they did say things are developing and future tests and screenings could work out why i got BC. So i left them with my permission to use my blood in the future to test when they develop new tests ect.

So for any females related to me they suggested that they commence breast surveillance from their early 30’s. Another words check your boobies ladies 🙂


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