Recap from radiation

Holy moly the last 2 months have flown since my last post, apologies but my life is crazy this time of year usually and then add in treatment is insane. Anyways …….

I started my radiation treatment back on the 20th May and managed it all quite well actually. The actual treatment was like 10 mins, it took them longer to set me up in the right position everyday than the actual radiation dose took.

I kept myself busy over there with the ponies for the first 3 weeks, Santenor & Cruise went for a holiday at KPH Performance Horses as with the drought they are been fed 3 times a day. I didn’t want Nan & Pops workload to increase whilst i was away so took those 2 with me and Lenny the young gelding stayed home.

Having the horses over there was good cause i had to go and feed them morning & night which made me move and not get so bored.

The second week was awesome as the cutting futurity was on at Aelec, and my horses were a few klm away at KPH. So my days were get up and go feed my horses, have treatment, spend the rest of the day at the cutting then go and feed my horses at night. Then repeat that everyday…. was awesome to finally see cutting in the flesh.

I also managed to do some photography at KPH as they had a draft on whilst i was there. If you haven’t been there the facilities are amazing. Great if your competing at Aelec and dont want to camp there.

Week 4 which was after the June long weekend my ponies stayed home as it was a short week and i had a trip back to Narrabri for a polocrosse meeting. At this stage i was quite red around the area they were treating and had some discomfort. But was coping pretty good i thought.

Week 5 my poor bloody skin was starting to blister towards the end of the week and was very sore. But lots of that Moo Goo cream and i was right to go. The weekend whilst i was home i went to Pally polocrosse to catch up and take some pics. I was in abit of pain but my theory was i would only be sitting around at home so i might as well go and sit at polocrosse.

I went back the following Monday for what was meant to be my last 2 treatments and the Dr decided my skin was way to red and inflamed and that was it my treatment all done.

It was the worlds quickest pack the BT50 you have ever seen and i was back home in Gravesend by 4pm that arvo. After i got some horses feed 🙂

I have been back at work since the day after they cancelled my last treatments and had a week that was abit sore and uncomfortable but it has all healed up now. Just left with an awesome tan in that area and the rest of my body white as a ghost.

_MG_4933 (1)


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