What keeps me sane

When this whole shitty experience started in December i didn’t know how i would cope –  would i be able to still ride or would i have my head in the bucket throwing my guts up, would i be that weak i couldn’t work, would i be able to ride the horses and maybe play polocrosse, would i be able to continue doing all that i did before, KLB Equine, Miss Kayellebee Photography

Everyone was telling me to rest and take it easy which i think for most people is what you should do, but what if you were a person before that worked a full time job, had an online business, did photography in your spare time, secretary for the polocrosse club and then of course your own horses to look after daily and ride and compete… Taking it easy drives me crazy. Staying home for longer than 1-2 days drives me crazy. I am so used to juggling that many things that when i don’t have that i don’t know what to do…

To say that i am glad the polocrosse season has started is an understatement. Despite some days things drive me crazy and i shake my head and think do i need this in my life … i love it all …. from the daily/weekly things to do. Taking in the noms for that weekends carnival, to sending out emails, to updating the facebook page with results… i love it and cant wait to head up to Warwick to watch the World Cup in a few weeks. Watching polocrosse and taking photos …. i’m super keen to head up there and hopefully then attend a few local carnivals taking more photos and just maybe take my own horse and play a carnival.

I am also getting back into my online business KLB Equine. I am super lucky to have an amazing supportive sponsored team that are also close friends and look after me when im feeling like shit. They are there offering me support and also helping promote KLB. Ive managed to find another supplier for the false tails which allow me smaller orders which help me at the moment. I am also hoping to start stocking a few other items in the near future.

This weekend im heading to the NSW Pony Club State Sporting & Campdraft Champs at Merriwa as an Official Photographer… which is awesome in itself. Last year i attended this same champs that was held at Dorrigo and managed to get some awesome photos and meet some amazing people. I’m keen to get back behind the camera and just hoping i hold up ok as i have #5 chemo treatment this Wednesday. But i know that if i feel like shit or not well i have lots of friends that will be at the champs that will help me out if i need it…

I would say that i have been lucky with my chemo treatments so far, considering how potent my dose is im surprised that i haven’t been throwing my guts up. The worse side affects i have is the oral thrush, bloating and some tiredness. But it could be worse i reckon so ill take that for now thanks ….








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