Half Way …

Well tomorrow is day 10 post chemo #3 and also halfway through the chemo course as well. It seems like it was yesterday I was sitting on my bed listening to the Dr tell me my biopsy results showed cancer and that I needed surgery asap. When in fact that was 3 months ago now 😲 how quickly it all goes with numerous doctors appointments, scans, blood tests, gene testing and phones calls from the nurses and of course the 4 hour long treatments every 3 weeks….

So that means I only have 3 more chemo treatments then I’m done with that ✅ and move onto radiation in Tamworth. I do still have to have the Herceptin and Pertuzamb every 3 weeks still but not the chemo drug. So my leaving the nurses and hospitals behind isn’t in the near future but those 2 drugs will only be like an hour every 3 weeks and they also have less side affects as well. These will continue for 12 months so most likely into 2020 pending how my heart stands up to them. If my heart function is affected I will have reduced doses and or taken off them all together.

Chemo #3 has been relatively kind to me. I’ve had some oral thrush and sore mouth again but not as bad as previous rounds. The hot 🥵 flushes have been bad this time round and I’ve found I’ve been extremely emotional as well. This has been a struggle when things that shouldn’t get you so emotional do…. so ladies I get how you feel with the menopause stuff it isn’t fun at all 😐😐 I’d rather have surgery and or more chemo then deal with that cause it’s not something you can control or even know it’s coming on. It just hits you and you think wtf is going on here 😕

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