Chemo #3

An awesome first treatment in Moree today. No extra driving and no getting up early to leave, just my normal leave time for work time.

First off when I went in to reception I finally met a social worker. I had asked to speak to one at Tamworth and despite me having two chemo treatments and a 3 day stint in hospital when my temp spiked I never seen one. So the day was off to a good start…

Then I was expecting the Dr to be via Skype but he was there and told me I only had 6 chemo treatments total (I was thinking I had 7) and my last would be early May …. winning🏅

Then before heading to the clinic to get some drugs ☠️☠️ the lovely social worker gave me a gift bag 🥰🥰 how nice. These are made up with funds donated by the Moree Rugby club which is soo nice. All things I am currently using and needing 💞💞

Off to the clinic and so much smaller than Tamworth with only 3 chairs …. but I love it. Much quieter and you get more one on one with the nurses ect which is great 👌

No dramas with the port this time, nurse was awesome and got it first go. I also remembered to use the Elma patches which numbs the area alittle bit too…

Moree doesn’t have the special frozen gloves 🧤 but god love them we used ice packs. So I will be purchasing my own gloves from USA which I found on eBay and when I’m done with them will donate to the Moree Clinic.

Four hours later of treatment and I was done… feeling great I did some jobs in Moree and headed home at the same time I would when I finish work…

Then home I received a call from the pro bono solicitor (that the Cancer Council have organized for me) who is going to help me get my super from my fund to help with costs ect… paying off my Ute and putting rent aside for a year or two so I don’t have that added financial stress….

I’m abit tired tonight and have some hot flushes thanks to the Dexmethasone tablets im on at the moment but other than that all good 💪

So you could call today very productive  😁

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