My biggest fear

Throughout all this shitty saga my biggest fear has been that i wouldn’t be able to ride my horses ever again.

I could possibly handle not playing polox again….. maybe that’s a big maybe. When the doctor and the cancer nurse heard me say im going to start riding my horses again shortly. The look on their face priceless….. i get that they are concerned if i fall off and get injured cause i wont heal as fast as i did and it could upset the chemo rounds…. but its something i am going to do ….. and did do last weekend.

I will be careful, its not like im getting on and riding Lenny the green broken young horse. But the old reliable Fat Boy Cruise. Sunday  24th Feb which was over 5 months since i stepped off him at Gully polocrosse carnival, after 2 surgeries and 2 chemo treatments i got back on. It felt sooo good too. Cruise was a good boy with no bucking or anything crazy like that but then again he doesn’t like to waste his energy on those kind of things lol

I am hoping to continue to ride a few times a week in between my chemo treatments, which my next one is this coming Wednesday at Moree. I will see how i go and if im feeling good i will go riding otherwise ill just lunge them. I am hoping to maybe compete at a local Ag show and maybe a polox carnival. Pending the chemo treatments and then the radiation ones as well.

But i am also trying to see if i can take Cruise with me over to Tamworth when i have radiation as well. This might keep me abit sane as the treatment only lasts for an hour or so a day. So i might be able to ride Cruise in between or even just go and have horse time. I will have to see how i am traveling after the chemo as they tell me the side affects can get worse but hey i just look at it like ive had a big weekend away at polocrosse. Sick, tried and bruised 🙂



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