10 days post #2 Chemo

Today is 10 days post chemo. This time Round 1 i was laying in a hospital bed at Tamworth feeling like absolute crap with a mouthful of ulcers unable to eat without it burning my mouth.

But this time round I feel great. Mouth has settled down today and I didn’t get an ulcers this time around. I had some different side affects this time – heartburn, bloating, burping and oral thrush again.

I also had more energy this time around, this I reckon due to the Neulasta injection and also making sure I rested in the arvos especially when it was hot.

I have worked everyday this time round which is great breaking up the day. I’m not a person who is usually home often so staying home on weekends I do struggle with.

I have decided to head off to Glen Innes Show to do some photography tomorrow. I haven’t done any photos since Jamboree last year so I’m pretty keen to see how I go. It helps knowing the temp up there will be a lovely 25 degrees. Maybe I should move up there permanently cause I love the cold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My next chemo will be in Moree so no more travelling 400klm to Tamworth which I’m very happy about…


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  1. Sue Thorley says:

    So happy lovely to hear your 2nd round of chemo went better for you. Prayers continue. Take it easy driving to Glen and make sure you rest if you get tired. If to tired to drive completely home afterwards contact me and you can stay the night in Inverell. πŸ’•


  2. anne leueen says:

    Good news! Thanks for the update.


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