10 days post #2 Chemo

Today is 10 days post chemo. This time Round 1 i was laying in a hospital bed at Tamworth feeling like absolute crap with a mouthful of ulcers unable to eat without it burning my mouth.

But this time round I feel great. Mouth has settled down today and I didn’t get an ulcers this time around. I had some different side affects this time – heartburn, bloating, burping and oral thrush again.

I also had more energy this time around, this I reckon due to the Neulasta injection and also making sure I rested in the arvos especially when it was hot.

I have worked everyday this time round which is great breaking up the day. I’m not a person who is usually home often so staying home on weekends I do struggle with.

I have decided to head off to Glen Innes Show to do some photography tomorrow. I haven’t done any photos since Jamboree last year so I’m pretty keen to see how I go. It helps knowing the temp up there will be a lovely 25 degrees. Maybe I should move up there permanently cause I love the cold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My next chemo will be in Moree so no more travelling 400klm to Tamworth which I’m very happy about…


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  1. anne leueen says:

    Good news! Thanks for the update.


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