So bloody excited and honoured

Most know I have been lucky enough to be sponsored by Hidez Compression Products for the last few years…. I love them and so do the ponies. Considering both Santenor and Cruise should be in the retirement paddock these products made by Hidez keep them going well into their Twenties 😳😳😳 and hopefully till we all retire all together …..

Despite my health situation at the moment and most likely not competing a great deal the most beautiful lady Bobbi – Jo Clem from Hidez with Bobbi – Jo has put me back on the team again for this year 😘🥰 feeling the love so much now Bobbi – Jo and I truely didn’t expect it considering competing is possibly a huge goal to achieve this year whilst I’m undergoing treatments for breast cancer.

But people if you haven’t tried the Hidez on your ponies are missing out from their awesome benefits 🦄🦄🦄

I’m sure you seen my posts last year when Cruise got colic after a polox carnival. He had a great weekend, played amazing and we used his suit and socks all weekend but due to the heat (it was warm for July in Wee Waa) he obviously got himself a bit dehydrated despite me giving him electrolytes ect and playing in lovely deep going he wasn’t used to that been the middle of a drought and used to very hard surfaces. And been a absolute sook for the size of him doesn’t help 😂😂 when he gets a tummy pain it’s like his leg is cut off but put him on the polox field and nothing stops him ….. special is what they call it I reckon

He spent 2/3 days with the suit on for 10-12 hours (mostly overnight) and small meals with me syringing water and electrolytes into him and he was back to him normal self and I was riding him within a week. Oh and did I mention I didn’t have to call the vet this time around… I had it down pact for this time after the horrific week he was so sick in 2017 and the Narrabri Vets didn’t expect him to survive but once again that Hidez suit and Equissage helped out and and he was back better than ever last season..

So if you haven’t seen the suits or socks make sure you check on the link below which will take you directly to Bobbi – Jo website. How and tell her I sent you 😉😉


Hidez With Bobbi – Jo

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