Round Two

Well yesterday was Round Two of chemo. It was a long day too as i also wanted to get some horse feed ect and other items whilst over there. Multitasking at its best.

I left home at 6am to get to my amazing hay supplier who god love him wouldn’t let me load up but i convinced him i was feeling good and could stack them on the BT50. Leaving with a hug and look after yourself i headed into Tamworth to get some more horse feed, chaff and pellets for those god damm horses.

It was also the first day the amazing Landmark Classic Ladies were selling there caps too so off i headed out to Aelec to get me a cap. And with the funds been raised for the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care i just had to make sure i was there before the 10am start time. I managed to get one and was lucky too as they had sold out by that afternoon. What fantastic support for a cause that has helped me out in the last month or so…

Foundation for Breast Cancer Care

Classic Ladies Foundation

Then it was time to head to the Cancer Clinic to have an appointment with the Dr before my treatment. But i had to wait as the doctor was running late…. 2.5 hours late to be exact… then once sorted with him and he was happy with how i was going i headed into the treatment room to get me some drugs 🙂 After some initial issues with the port not working properly as it wasn’t inserted properly and had my chest stinging we got it sorted and i settled down for my 4 hours of treatment. After my ED visit and levels dropping so much last time they did reduce my chemo drug back so i wouldn’t end up back in ED this time around. Of course the first thing that comes to you is if its a reduced rate will it still work, does my chemo treatments go longer ect ect…. I tried not to stress to much about it as that wouldn’t get me anywhere and the Drs know their stuff so i shall leave it up to them. Although i did inform them i wasn’t a person to have a sook on the side about some slight side affects and yeah i was  feeling like shit when i had to go to ED but i felt it wasn’t anything major…

4 hours later i was all done with treatments. I was then showed how to use the injection Neulasta which i would have to inject myself with 24 hours after i finished chemo at home. After some instructions how to do ect i headed off and left Tamworth at 5pm to arrive back home in Gravo at 7pm.

Of course the ponies clearly seen me coming or maybe they smelt the nice lucerne hay smell… Waiting at the gate as soon as i drove in… Spolit horses …

I was abit tired from the drive but i was a huge day and was warm. Home showered, had dinner and played with the dachshunds i was feeling good. I woke this morning feeling good bar some flushing on my face which happened with round 1 too so i headed to work to annoy the boys 🙂

Managing to do a full day, whoho. Handled the Neulasta injection well, got to love having a diabetic in the family to help me inject it…. wasn’t too bad and i reckon i could do myself next time.

I also arrived home this arvo to a huge parcel and i was like WTF is that, what have i brought that ive forgotten about …. But no it was an amazing care package send up from the Forbes site of my work…. Thankyou so much it was overwhelming reading the card and i got abit teary too….

I have also decided that the ponies will be getting new shoes on cause im going to start back riding. My theory is i might as well live life everyday doing what i love doing… and my horses are up there. I will just take it day by day and if i feel like shit i wont ride but i think it would be very therapeutic to get back on the horses. I have some event goals i am hoping to achieve but that will all depend on how i cope in between the rounds as ive been told the side affects can get worse with more rounds…. God i hope i stay like i have been cause its not that bad really…





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