Week of 4/2

A new week. Tomorrow will be my second chemo treatment in Tamworth pending my bloods this morning. I have decided to get them done at Warialda Hospital as they book times whereas Moree have a number system. Sitting in the waiting room in Moree waiting for your number if like last time was over an hour with 20 odd people who you don’t know what they have or why they are there. It might seem selfish of me to not want to be around people especially in a Hospital situation but i don’t want or need any infections or colds. As my immune system is comprised and i really don’t want to get the common cold which knocks me for six. So Warialda it is… My theory is ill wait in the BT50 until a few minutes before my scheduled time then walk straight in so im not in contact with alot of people.

Hopefully i will handle the chemo just as well as i did the first one but without the ED trip and Ambo ride…. They are also giving me an injection called Neulasta which stimulates my body the production of white blood cells which these are the ones that fight infections. I have to inject this myself which im not sure how ill go with that but hey if it stops my immune system from been comprised ill do it…

The last week since coming out of Tamworth ED i have felt normal, pretty much back to the same me but with a huge appetite. I have managed to gain back the 3kg i lost from the last treatment which i think is good. I have been eating anything and everything to get back to that weight ready to go for round 2. I have felt so good the last week i have even thought about getting Fatboy Cruise back in work. Which i will discuss with Drs tomorrow in Tamworth. I think if i keep riding it will keep me alittle sane as this whole sitting around resting thing is driving me crazy

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  1. Sue Thorley says:

    Big hugs lovely. In my thoughts and prayers 💙


  2. anne leueen says:

    In my cancer journey riding was possible and it helped me stay sane. I’m saying prayers for you.

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    1. Thankyou, i have decided that i will start riding again. Life is too short to not do what you love i reckon

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