It’s just hair……..

They tell me it will grow back, its just hair, what are you so worried about…..

Well yes it is just hair but its more than that at the same time…. I didn’t think i would be so emotional cutting all my hair off until i had to do it… Tuesday 29th Jan was that day. Exactly 2 weeks after my first chemo. It started coming out in clumps and i was not emotionally prepared for that despite me knowing it would most likely happen. There is very few ladies with BC going through chemo who don’t loose their hair.  I was hoping that i was one of the lucky ones, but once again life showed me another kick in the guts….. when it comes back it better be straight this time 🙂

Loosing the hair i think is more of a control thing. With a cancer diagnosis there is not much you can control. You don’t know which side affect you will get, will they change up with each round. Having your hair the way you like it makes you feel in control of your life somewhat when the mat has clearly been yanked out very swiftly from under your feet. It really a hard feeling/emotion to describe but i am sure the other BC ladies would agree with me.

So when you say to someone its just hair please be mindful that yes it is but that person might be just clinging on to some sort of control of their life…. it is an emotional roller coaster that some may never ever get to the end off…..



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  1. Sue Thorley says:

    Oh beautiful I’m so sorry. Sending a big hug and heaps of love xx 💕


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