Just get it done

Its an attitude you just have to have for life in general. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and there will be times that will break you. Just don’t stay there for too long

I’ve had a few people send me messages telling me how inspired they are by my story. Well I’m not usually a person who handles kudos at the best of times let alone in this very emotional stressful time but thankyou so much. It meant a great deal to me

I don’t think what I’m doing is anything special at all. I just view it as a part of life and what has to be done. And despite my shitty diagnosis life does go on for the near future anyways….. I still need to pay my bills, feed the horses ect ect. Been a single person without a partner means all those costs and responsibilities come down to me. I don’t have kids but I do have animals and have always thought of them as my kids…

There are days I’m not as positive, like last Friday for example. Been taken to ED in Tamworth sick, feeling like absolute shit, not been able to eat food without it feeling like it was burning my mouth and throat, running a temp and having doctors not sure what was causing it was not good. I had a bad day that day but once we figured it out and and I started improving my attitude started changing too. Now I’m back on the mend at home. Nothing better than home I reckon.

I actually think of myself as extremely lucky that I am single without kids. I could not imagine how stressful it would be having to think of their needs and how they are coping whilst going through BC and the treatments. If you can reduce the outside stresses in your life. Be people you hang around, commitments, social media ect I believe this allows you to concentrate on you and maybe just maybe I’ll be alittle selfish for once and my needs will come before everything else. Horses included.

I am super lucky to live with my grandparents who when I am not feeling well look after the horses and dogs. Oh and Nan cooks and cleans for me too….. yeah yeah I know I’m spoilt but this takes a huge load off me and has allowed me to go back to work like I have. If I didn’t have them and the family a few klm up the road in Gravesend I know I would have struggled… and knowing me I would have just pushed on and done it all and most likely not recover as quickly as I have from the surgery, 1st chemo and now a trip to ED.

To all my other family and friends thankyou so much. For those looking at some diet changes, to alternative treatments to help, the fundraising, donations from amazing friends, other BC ladies who have given me heaps of info and just been there for me to vent and have a cry ….. thankyou doesn’t seem like enough.

But please know I truely appreciate it all….


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