Aus Day Update

Well I would certainly rather be at home this long weekend but I am still in Tamworth Base.

Temperatures have slightly come down to 37 most of yesterday. They ran another X-ray this time on my mouth to see where the infection is that seems to be setting me off. Results this morning confirm I was correct it’s my shitty teeth still giving me grief. So more IV antibiotics it is.

Some more bloods done this morning have my neutrophils count going up…. this the the one that helps my body prevent me getting infections. So for it to be going up that’s a good thing.

My mouth is terribly sore with ulcers and oral thrush and I am struggling to eat most things. But scrambled eggs, ice cream, mash potatoes and jelly I’m able to slide down.

To say I feel like shit is an understatement. I decided to not allow visitors as I did not want to risk getting another infection whilst my immune system was non existent. Which has been lonely as but I know I made the right decision as i cannot afford to get something else that might make me sick.

At this stage I’ll be here another day or two as long as temp keeps coming down and that blood count keeps going up 🤞

Thankyou for all the messages and I do apologise if I haven’t replied. I am exhausted and trying to catch up on some sleep and rest as they tell me to do


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  1. Sue Thorley says:

    Big hugs lovely. Thinking of you. ❤

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