Aftermath of chemo #1

So today is 1 week after my first chemo. First off i just want to fill people in on the week before, on Tuesday 8th Jan (which was 1 week before my first chemo) i had a trip to Tamworth for the results of my Pet Scan and also fill out a mountain of paperwork so Medicare / Government would cover the cost of my chemo drugs.Β  The results from that scan were not good. Actually they were the worst they could have been really…. 1 month after i was diagnosed with BC i was told that it had metastasized already meaning it had already spread or maybe it was there already when i found it 😦 there was now a spot showing on my sternum and the cancer was now a grade 4…..

Well you can imagine the reaction, shock, tears and how pissed off at the world i was. I then had to try and pull myself together enough as i still had to have another test done before leaving Tamworth to head home and tell the family. This one was on my heart to make sure it was strong enough to handle one of the drugs. And i finally got a good result on that test… about bloody time i reckon… Yes despite some people thinking i don’t have a heart it was confirmed i do and i have the results to prove it!!!!

So now today Tuesday 22nd Jan i am 1 week post chemo. I have had some side affects, iΒ  wouldn’t say its been plain sailing but it could be a lot worse i reckon. I had people tell me horror stories of not been able to eat, get out of bed ect. But i have managed to go to work every day since treatment which i was pretty happy about, getting out of the house and trying to be as normal as possible is good for the soul. Oh and getting a full paycheck helps put a smile on my face as well πŸ™‚

Ive had some issues with upset tummy, lost my taste buds, sore mouth, gums and throat, painful acne but I’ve just try to deal with it as it comes and day by day. My theory is i need to be 110% going back into Chemo #2 so there will be plenty of hydra-lite, berroccas, fruit & veggies, thrive vitamins, resting and the like so i can go into #2 and hopefully bounce back second time round as i did this one.

Family & friends please do not take it to heart if i don’t tell you all personally what is happening. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to process it first before i tell the world. That is why i blog it here. But feel free to send me pm on facey and texts if your lucky enough to have my number. Some days i come home from work and just rest watching tv and enjoy playing with the dogs and horses…..


Also another huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone who has donated to the Go Fund me page….I truly appreciate it all…. Go Fund Me





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  1. Melina says:

    Hey Kristy, you are an inspiration! Keep on plugging away, you are in my thoughts πŸ’œ

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  2. Sue Thorley says:


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  3. karthika94 says:

    You are just amazing.. your positivity is infectious..


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