Always a horse girl 🐎

I am sure fellow horse crazies will understand this…. It doesn’t matter how you feel, what time of day it is, what the weather is doing you just love been with your horses.

I reckon there is no better medicine than the small of horses. Its unique and a smell i just love…. Most people know i hate storms at the best of times. The lightening and thunder has me generally hiding on my bed with fingers in ears. But yesterday i was keen to pop out and see Fatboy (Cruise) and Shithead (Santenor) just to see how they are coping with the 40 degree days. Poor Cruise does not cope with the summers we have and sweats so much so that his coat goes white…. I also needed to give him some electrolytes and just check he wasn’t too dehydrated.

With storms rolling around both sides and thunder happening i was shocked i still went outside. But super glad i did cause i love a stormy photo with horses in it πŸ™‚

I am totally sure they are liking semi-retirement and whats not to like…. fed and looked after and not ridden its like all there christmas have come at once….. Me not so much. Why is it when you know your not allowed to ride that’s when you really want to …. even in these crazy hot temps. Maybe just maybe i will get them in ok condition to do some led classes at local Ag shows… You’ve got to have some goals to work towards and i would love to at least show them once this year… We may not win but its all in the fun of it and catching up with horse show friends isn’t it …




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  1. Sue Thorley says:

    Yep I agree the smell of horses is a unique smell and it cures a lot of things. …its probably one of the things I miss most. Plus you can talk to a horse and release a lot of things.
    Love your photo 😊 Big hugs beautiful xx

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