Round 1 done and dusted

So yesterday was my first round of chemo, surprisingly i woke up ok and not scared or nervous. More like lets get this shit started and get it over and done with attitude. After feeding the ponies and dachshunds we left home at Gravesend at 7am to arrive in time for my 9am appointment.

First people i ran into in the elevator at the Cancer Clinic was some friends from Narrabri who were over for treatment as well. That certainly helped me relax (thank you so much for checking up on me i really appreciated it ) whilst i sat there for 5 hours with the chemo drugs running into my chest.

Why 5 hours you say, well i asked the very same thing…. Its because it was my first time and they feed them into you slower to make sure you wont have a reaction ect. Luckily i didn’t but the reaction i got from the nurses when i sneezed twice was like whoa are you ok …… i suppose they are just been cautious as that may have been a reaction ect but i was all ok . I am also getting 3 separate drugs (Pertuzumab & Herceptin which are antibodies as my BC is HER2 Positive and then the chemo drug Docetaxel) feed into me which take a while so second treatment hopefully will only be 4 hours cause sitting down been attached to cords isn’t my cup of tea.

I was abit tired when i got home last night at 6pm. But i usually get tired even from driving over to Tamworth anyways and with the temp yesterday in the 40’s i suppose that was expected. I have woken early this morning thanks to Lexie & Harper (the princess puppies) and spent the morning out with them playing and doing all my morning chores of checking the ponies waters and feeding ect. And i feeling normal …. i am slightly flushed in my checks but other than that i don’t feel any different…

Yes yes before you all say it i will take it easy, i am not going to let this shitty thing stop me doing the things i want to do. I will just take it day by day and if i feel like shit i will rest. But resting means for me laying there overthinking stuff which then in turn stresses me out so i will continue to do what i do whilst i am feeling ok.

Also a massive shout out to all my family & friends who sent me snaps, messages and tagged me in pics yesterday. It kept me occupied and those 5 hours were over in no time so thank you all. I really appreciated it.


PS love the snapchat filters cause it makes my skin look amazing 🙂



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  1. Stephanie says:

    Good to see you are doing ok ❤️

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  2. Sue Thorley says:

    Hey lovely good to hear that your doing ok with 1 gone. Thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers. Xxoo

    Liked by 1 person

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