Why i blog

Some might be wondering why does she blog, well imagine telling the same story over and over to 50 people a day. Well maybe not that many but…. I know there are people interested in my current situation that may not want to text me or pm in case they think im too busy or exhausted… so i blog to keep them updated. And those who want to read will read and those who don’t that’s ok too. I totally get it 🙂

Sometimes its easier for me to type out what your feeling then to actually say the words. And i tend to get emotional when im telling the story of whats happening to me, which i do when typing as well but not quite as much. Getting emotional only stresses me out more and then i end up feeling like shit with headaches …. So blogging i will do ….

So feel free to subscribe to this blog, im sure its in the bottom right hand corner with the follow button and you will get email notifications.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Steph Dauth says:

    Thanks for your blog updates, I too do mine but on Facebook for the same reason, one message to reach many.
    Keep it up, it helps release the tension, a problem shared is a problem halved.
    I sending you big hugs and best wishes Kristy xx


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