31 days

Most people probably wouldn’t be as keen as me to go back to work after the Christmas / New Years break. But when you have been home ‘resting’ or something like it…. going back to the normal day to day stuff is exciting. Today i went back to work which was great to get up this morning, deal with the horses and play with the dachshunds before i went then head off …. The last 2 weeks have been a struggle to stay home and not drive. I do get that i need to rest (which everyone tells me to do) but i really do struggle to be at home for anymore than a few days. Its just not me i am usually doing fifty thousand things and flitting about the countryside. So i think that was more of shock for me than the surgery was.

So after recouping from the mastectomy i was then back in surgery again 3 weeks later to have a port fitted to my right chest area. This is what they will feed the chemo drugs through to my body. As now my left arm cannot have bloods taken or even blood pressure taken on it they didn’t want to risk my right arm veins collapsing.So then for the last week I’m battered and bruised over my entire chest area. And will have some pretty awesome scars left once they all heal.

I was also today given my first date of chemo, which will be Tuesday 15th Jan, so this is only a week away. I am keen to just get this started so i can get it finished sooner. I’m not entirely sure what to expect despite my extensive googling and we wont know how my body will react to it either. But if i am able to recover like i have the two surgeries i will be fine. As i kicked both of them and was up and about going quickly. I will have 6 months worth of chemo which i am not looking forward to, more that it will interfere with all my horse things i want to do … lol then i will have 5 weeks worth of radiation in Tamworth then possibly more surgery at the end of this year.

I would also like to thank everyone who has donated to the GO FUND ME PAGE

It is greatly appreciated







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