You know in my last job at the pharmacy at Narrabri i dealt with been on the other side of people been sick. People been newly diagnosed with a medical condition, wondering how they would be able to pay for the medication, how they would cope financially not working as much. I seen all the emotions and would talk to them and try and help out as much as i could within my job. And as much as i felt for them and would shed a tear you never really know how someone feels about a situation until that is you in it.

I do remember that 12 months ago another beautiful lady i knew through horses was suddenly diagnosed with BC. And i remember at the time thinking to myself how can someone at our age get this terrible shitty thing and wondered how i would cope if that was me…This then prompted me at the start of 2018 to just live life. Do what makes you happy cause you never know what is around the corner.

I had a huge 2018 with horses, photography and polocrosse and loved it all. Despite sometimes thinking i had bitten off more than i could chew… which seems to be what i do … I had already started planing my 2019 calendar and it was already full of shows, polocrosse, photography and the big one heading up to watch the Polocrosse World Cup at Warwick in April. I am still planning to do a few of these things as i believe that you need to still live your life and try and continue on as normal around all the treatments.

Yes i will have times that i feel like absolute shit and im prepared for that cause i have some of the most awesome friends and family you could ask for. I have had so many lovely ladies contact me who have been through the same shitty experience offering to be there for support and answer any questions i might have, awesome friends who have helped me out when unexpected problems arise, close friends help me out financially, numerous text messages /facebook messages to see how i am going and if they can help me out at all, family that have covered looking after my horses and dogs when ive been away and some pretty special friends who have set up a Go Fund Me page…… I am not usually one to ask for help, i am what you would call very independent which im sure most people who know me would be aware of…  I THANKYOU all so much. I really am so grateful to have you all helping me out in this shitty situation


Love KB

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  1. Becki says:

    That’s what mates and Family do chick and you always go up and beyond to help others , it is your turn to accept the offering of help whether it be emotional financial or a shoulder we are here to support comfort or in some cases just drown you 😜, but one thing remains the same we all love you and are here to help you fight this battle as a team not leave you as an army of one , so take the help offered and be selfless and ask for the help you need ❤️


  2. Steph Dauth says:

    Never feel alone or lost, this journey is one that so many others are going through and the support, love and compassion of your friends, family and loved ones will help carry you through the rough times.
    Special people like you will draw those positive people to you, hold on to those ones always looking for a better, brighter side to lighten your day, this will help you to see the light at the end of tunnel, it is there.
    I am here if ever there is anything I can assist you with.
    Sending hugs ❤️❤️❤️


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