The financial stress of BC

Up until my diagnosis i read my Super statements and then threw them away. I wouldn’t need it till i was older was my thinking. How wrong i was ….

Well when you realize you may not work as much as you did before you stress and then stress some more… Actually i would say the stress and worry about my financial situation would have to be worse than the BC diagnosis itself.  How am i going to pay my day to day bills plus all the added traveling and doctors appointments. In 8 weeks since my whole saga started im out of pocket over $1000 already and dread thinking what that figure will be come December 2019.

Let me tell you the whole situation is SHIT!!!!! They make it sooo hard to access your OWN super even though there is potential you may not ever reach the preservation age when you can actually access it easily.  The zillions of people you have to speak to and be told nope you cant access it on ‘compassionate reasons’ or ‘financial hardship’ reasons is ridiculous. As if your not under enough stress and worry from the diagnosis to start with. One person told me i have to be on Centrelink benefits for 26 weeks before i could access my own Super funds…. Nice …. i have my own money and want to use it but they push you to go on welfare payments before you can access your own money.

Ideally it would be nice to access some of my own Super so then i wouldn’t have the stress of worrying about how im going to pay my bills. Or potentially pushing myself to work when i probably should be at home resting. I’m yet to start my chemo treatments and i am praying i am one of the lucky ones who don’t get too sick from it and can still operate as normal as possible and still work enough to pay my bills. But knowing that after chemo i will have 5 weeks of radiation treatments and this is in Tamworth (200klms from me) and i will need to be there Monday – Friday has my stress levels up. I obviously wont be able to work for that time and most likely wont have enough sick leave or holidays to cover me so how is one meant to pay their bills.

Makes you wonder thou who makes these kind of decisions really when you can easily access your Super to pay for lap band surgery. And yes it is listed on the ATO forms for you to access your Super for that but not for cancer which as you all know cant be prevented.

Totally baffled by the whole accessing your Super fund situation really… If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know. Cause at this point i don’t know what else to do….



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