When life throws you a curve ball

To say the last 8 weeks have been a blur would be a huge understatement. After been bitten by some bugs late October i noticed a lump in my breast. I did the usual go see my doctor and he ordered an ultrasound. At this point i wasn’t overly concerned as i didn’t have any cancer related issues within my family. Then my followup with my doctor who informed me that i needed to see a specialist as there was abnormalities. This is when i knew something was really wrong… Then onto specialist in Tamworth who then ordered so many tests that left me sitting in Castlereagh Imaging for over 6 hours having them all done.

Then Tuesday 4th December my biopsy results had come in …. it wasn’t good. It was extremely bad to say it nicely. And trust me i had lots of swear words to go along with it all after that call from the doctor.  I had less than 12 hours to deal with my diagnosis before another curve ball came at me…. I would be in surgery that Friday. As in 2 days time. That is when alarm bells started ringing in my head… From biopsy results to surgery was 3 days. Shit was real bad.

I quickly sorted out work stuff who were so understanding with my situation, made sure the horses and Lexie was sorted and headed to Tamworth Base for surgery.  The fasting for surgery would have to be the worst thing i reckon. 18 hours no food or more important water left me with a huge migraine and wanting to vomit whilst laying in wait in the Day Surgery area. I was wanting to go into surgery at this point, cause they would give me some awesome drugs to dull that headache and that they did. One moment i was talking horses with the anesthetic lady and next i was in recovery. I like those kinda drugs …. lol …

After a quick stay in hospital i was let come back home on the Monday after, hospitals are not my thing and sharing a room with 3 other people who snore the roof down meant i got hardly any sleep. I was released home with a drain still in but feeling pretty bloody good considering.

One thing i have learnt in this whole shitty situation is that ladies you need to keep a close eye on your boobies… 1 in 8 will develop breast cancer and those statistics are soo shitty and not good. Never ever did i think i would have issues with mine. I was so active this year with playing polocrosse, riding the horses, exercising more than i ever have but there the shitty thing was lurking below and i had no idea…





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  1. anne leueen says:

    19 years ago I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I had no idea either. But I am still here and you will be too 19 years from now. You will get back to polocross and you life as you knew it. For now you are in that ‘Other Kindgom’ Susan Sontag wrote about. The kingdom of those struggling with illness. Look after yourself during this time, take help when it is offered and put yourself first. Best wishes to you.

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    1. Thankyou 😘 it’s been a huge shock and financial stress on me.

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      1. anne leueen says:

        It is a shock of the worst kind and I had to stop working while I was going through my experience. I know it is easy for me to say but try , if you can, to turn it over and focus on getting well and healing.

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