Desperate times ….

My own personal story and how I am coping with the current drought situation we are in at the moment…..

As you may know I live in a small town called Gravesend in North West NSW. We are 50klm from Moree which you may have heard off in the news ect. Currently we are slightly and only slightly better off then those further west.

What does this mean for me personally with 3 horses ? Well I have my 2 polocrosse horses with me in town at Gravesend and my young horse at my parents place a few klm away. Lenny (the young horse) was meant to come in and be worked over the summer for some upcoming shows. But as you all know when you work them you have to feed them more. And quite simply I don’t have the extra money to do this. The other 2 horses with me are on a very basic diet. I quite frequently review their weight and run it through the feed program FeedXL to find the cheapest but best for them diet. As money is extremely tight at the moment.

Back in April I was paying $17 a bale for prime lucerne and now I’m paying $27 a bale for second cut which honestly isn’t that flash. But with the current drought situation I’m lucky to even find those bales. With the massive charity pushes the average horse owner and hobby farmers are finding the hay either extremely expensive or just can’t get any as they are been brought up or donated I’m not sure which by these bigger places.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but the flow on affect from the drought is huge. At the moment all the news is showing is the farmers and yes they are in a bad situation. But there is the flow on effect, hobby farmers, horse owners like myself, the contractors who work for the farmers, the local business who usually get business from those farmers. Everyone is affected…

In the last 2 months alone I have had to make sacrifices to travelling to places I have been planning on going for nearly 2 years. I have outstanding bills coming out of my ears and try desperately to pay little bits of at a time. You just do what you can do till Mother Nature wants to play nice and send us some rain.

Whilst I’m super lucky I have a full time job in town the extra costs to ever rising horse feed is taking its toll and things are been sacrificed along the way, items been sold on to get some extra cash to buy hay when it’s available… not travelling to events, wearing those jeans/shoes alittle but longer. We make do. It’s what we do as Aussies I suppose 🇦🇺🇦🇺

This is not a poor me post more a post to say hey there is more than the farmers out here doing it tough…..


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