The last 18 months

Well so much has happened in the last 18 months –

I’ve finished up working at the pharmacy in Narrabri as I was not spending as much time as I wanted with my horses playing polox and doing the things I like to do. I got a job 100klm up the road in Moree and what I really like is the not working weekends part. This gives me the time to do my photography, play polocrosse or just do what I want to do instead of having to work those bloody Saturday mornings.

After 6 months of traveling back a forth from work to home in Narrabri I made the decision to move back home to Gravesend. This allows me to be closer to family and my work but holy moly the able to save money. Rental prices in Narrabri not to mention other basics are sooo overpriced compared to other towns. So on March 17th this year I packed up 4 horses, 3 dogs and my grandparents and headed back to Gravo……

Next week it will be 6 months that I’ve been living back at Gravo and I’m super happy I decided to move. I have been able to actually play 3 Polocrosse carnivals this year (previous years I’ve only played 1 or 2 or none at all) I’ve travelled all the way to Dorrigo to Baradine to Muswellbrook and in between taking photos for my Miss Kayellebee Photography page and website. And had a great time in general been able to get home at a decent hour and ride my own bloody horses…

I don’t believe in working your butt off doing a job to make the money if you don’t have the time to enjoy what you love. Life is way to short to live for tomorrow, live for today. I love my horses, Polocrosse and photography. Despite the whole emotional scary thing (have I done the right thing) of quitting a job and then moving away from a town you have lived in for the last 18 years I’m so glad I did do it. It was right for me and you never know I just might move back to the Bri one day if the circumstances are right for me.

But for now I’m finally happy and enjoying my life and doing what I want to do 🦄🦄🦄

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