Narrabri Polox Junior Challenge 

Holy moly this event is getting larger every year. The Narrabri club decided in 2015 to host the junior challenge which is a specific comp for junior polox players. They are able to play in a team with their friends from other clubs. There are a few rules – team points to be under 32, mixed competition 3 boys 3 girls, has to be 3 clubs within the team makeup.

In 2015 there were 11 teams, in 2016 we had 18 teams. With players from Tasmania, a visiting USA & Western Australian team plus players from QLD and all over NSW. It was going to be big. I was worried I wouldn’t cope with all the teams coming. I tend to stress as i like things clearly organized and in a certain way…. But im sure all secretaries do that .. don’t they ?

Come Wednesday night the night of nominations and the teams started rolling in..  10pm that night we were up to 50 teams. Then when I awoke Thursday morning we had a total 61 teams including the 18 in the junior challenge. Thinking about doing the draw for that many teams scared me and i started to worry.  But we were lucky enough to get a lady to do the draw with a computer program which made my life so much easier. Best $100 we ever spent. Thankyou April for finding her 🙂

The weather gods were so nice to us, despite Saturday been freezing according to some (I’ve acclimatized very well to the cold living at the bottom of Mt Kaputar so i didnt feel it as much as others) the Sunday been quite warm we had NO RAIN 🙂  The Narrabri club has has a bad run with rain washouts over the last 5 years but this year it was near perfect.

This year was the first year I decided to sponsor one of the junior challenge teams with my KLB Equine business. I was so excited to see the playing shirts I designed. I think the navy and pink were a standout colour scheme over the weekend. Next year I think we will have to organize saddle cloths to complete the picture . Team KLB played awesome all weekend winning every game, till the final where  they came up against 3B Stockhorses. A very tough spectacular game the final was with 3B coming out the winners.  A big thankyou to Josie Wilson and Tim Finlayson for organizing  team KLB.

Also a big thankyou you all those who helped me out personally in the lead up and over the weekend. I really appreciated it.

Bring on the 2017 Narrabri Junior Challenge

“A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” – Mary Lou Retton



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