ASH Nationals 2016

After having 2 weeks holiday to head down and watch the Albury nationals I returned to work for 2 weeks then was back on holidays for a week. I felt I was just getting back in the  swing of work then bam was off for a week to head over and watch the ASH nationals in Tamworth. I took the new camera over to give it a whirl in the indoor arena. It’s very tricky taking photos in there and I struggled but I shall keep working on that. There were so many nice horses there and i really enjoyed watching the judging and trying to figure out which horse the judge preferred.

After catching up with some friends that were competing i had  crazy idea that next year I will take Lenny over and compete 😳 Lenny will only just turn 2 in February and the show is in March next year so that will be a big challenge, but hey we all need something to work towards don’t we ?

So with approx 250 days until the 2016 ASH Nationals i have to get so much done-

  • Lenny to be broken in
  • Lenny to be branded and registered ASH (Ive been slack on this as other things come up)
  • Purchase Lenny a new ASH bridle and breastplate
  • Get Lenny some show rugs, sorry Lenny but they will be Navy/Pink with the KLB logo on them. I’m sure you are tough enough to wear pink thou

So keep tuned for the Lenny to Nationals posts










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