Holy moly time has flown since my last post. I was busy packing and heading to Albury to watch the polox nationals last time i posted. Sadly my new camera was sitting in the freight depo back in Narrabri and wasn’t delivered before I left which was very annoying.  Anyways old camera and new lens were up to the job. I arrived mid morning Monday just in time to watch the NSW Junior girls play. I didn’t take any photos on Monday  instead just taking in the great facility they have at Albury for the polox. Everyday I studied the schedule to see where NSW teams played and worked out my day 😄 To watch polocrosse of that level from all states was amazing. The horseflesh and the players skill had many OMG moments. This was my first Nationals experience and i am now planning and saving my money for 2018 trip to WA.




Anyone after any photos that i took at Albury are are all just about  loaded to my photography  Miss Kayellebee Website

These photos are able to be downloaded free of charge as i was not the official photographer. As they say practice makes perfect and i am certainly trying that with my photos. Taking lots and lots of photos i am getting some good shots.

Thank you to all that have purchased photos and given me such lovely compliments. I really appreciate it


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