In my job at the local pharmacy we get to know our customers quite well. We laugh with them, share there excitement and sometimes share their tears. Narrabri been a smallish town pretty much every knows everyone. A few years ago when i started at the pharmacy i meet this lovely lady Teresa. She was so bright and bubbly you would never think she was sick,  but in fact she was suffering from MS.

MS is an auto immune disease where the immune system gets confused & attacks its own central nervous system, destroying myelin sheath, the protective coating for our nerves. This causes disruption of the messages going from the brain to the body. There is no “set mould” for MS, each sufferer is affected differently.

Many months later i realized we shared the love of horses which we have chatted about on many occasions. Teresa has been unable to show her beautiful horse due to this disease. Some days are a terrible struggle just to do the basic things.

This year Teresa is heading over to Russia to seek treatment. This treatment is not covered by the Health System here in Australia or insurance. It will cost them upwards of $100,000 once treatment, accommodation, travel and recovery are considered.

Last night i seen the Go fund me set up by one of Teresa friends pop up in my Facebook news feed. Of course i shared to my personal page. Later on last night i was contacted by the owner of HIDEZ compression suits which i am proudly sponsored by, Maureen messaged me that HIDEZ would like to donate a compression suit to auction to help raise some funds for Teresa to get to Russia. Both Teresa and myself are very appreciative of this generous offer.


If you would like to donate to Teresa via the Go Fund Me page here is the link Send Teresa to Russia

I will also be running the auction for the HIDEZ compression suit on my Facebook page Miss Kayellebee. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Teresa’s Go Fund Me account.

The suit is available to the winning bidder in either red, blue or black and their chosen size. RRP $699  on the HIDEZ compression/travel suit

Miss Kayellebee Facebook page



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