New Adventures – Stamanol

In my last post i mentioned that i was feeding Lenny (who is now a gelding) the product Stamanol. It had improved his coat from the yucky bleached out colour it was. He started going a nice darker colour with some shine to it. I was impressed as the change i could see within 7 days.

I was so happy with the product that i contacted Stamanol directly to see if i could stock some product out here in Narrabri NSW. Fast forward 14 days later and i received my first shipment. So many in the area wanting to try this awesome product, i certainly was glad i decided to stock Stamanol. My ponies are also glad to have it back, they are licking their feed bins clean again.

Feel free to head on over to my facebook page Stamanol Narrabri (link below)  to keep updated

Stamanol Narrabri


An organic vitamin and mineral supplement for horses

High absorption Boosts the immune system
Supports & nourishes the nervous system
Targets the body systems most effected by the physical and mental stresses
Establishes harmony of the systems of the body
Benefits associated with the use of STAMANOL are:
• Boosts the Immune System
• Supports and nourishes the Nervous system
• Helps to maintain and support the digestive system. Many horses don’t digest their food very well and can be hard to keep condition on. A lot of owners have told us that after putting their horses on STAMANOL they noticed a remarkable improvement in their condition and wellbeing.
• It establishes harmony of all the various systems of the body in other words everything runs like a well-oiled machine.
• Targets the body systems most affected by physical and mental stress in both preparation and competition whether it be a pony club event to a 3day event or a race. It is a cool mix so wont heat them.
• Suitable For all horses in all situations does NOT have any prohibited substances in short WILL NOT SWAB.
• A completely organic feed that is as simple as adding to their feed.
• Coat conditioner. Leaves them with a soft, shiny healthy coat so many people say to us wow my horse has never had dapples before as the saying goes healthy coat healthy horse.
• Glucosamine. Stamanol contains this at 1500mg per 140gr (3 Scoops). Good for horses joints esp older horses although we do not claim Stamanol is a joint formula we have had a lot of very positive feedback regarding its effects


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