HIDEZ compression suits

I am extremely lucky again this year to be sponsored by HIDEZ compression suits for horses.

I have used the traveling/recovery suit and compression socks for a year now on my polocrosse/show horses. At first i was like how to i get this thing on him … but after a quick watch of the dvd (which is supplied) i had done it.

Cruise was the first victim and  initially he was like what have you done to me. It didn’t help that i underestimated his size and got a suit too small.


Cruise belly was too big for the 15h suit 😦 he had to go up to the 15.2 h one

So out came Santenor and it was his turn. The suit fitted him perfectly. I then had to order another suit to fit big boy Cruise. He needed the 15.2 suit. I stress to you all measure your horse and measure again to make sure your suit fits perfectly. They wont work as well if they are too big or small.


Santenor above been the model … not he was not impressed with me

I also decided too purchase the compression socks during the year as well. These are exactly the same as the suits but just the legs. They are so good to help with swelling in the fetlocks from horses standing around in stables/yards at polocrosse. Would also be good for horses that swell in stables overnight like showhorses.


Over the year i used the suit & socks on numerous occasions to help keep my horses fit and healthy. Below are some of my testimonials –

– Cruise after his comeback carnival traveled home 2hrs in the Hidez suit. He usually gets very stiff on the trip home and I knew i was a little stiff after a year off as well. Unloaded at home, took his suit off and let him out into his paddock. He cantered down the paddock, he has never done that before. He usually walks around very gingerly for a few days after a carnival but not after wearing his suit.
– Cruise again at Pally polocrosse carnival after playing on some not good grounds, ploughed up very rough and big clods on the fields. His legs puffed up badly. I noticed on the final check at 11pm Saturday night. I had the socks with me so on they went and I went to bed thinking this horse will be lame in the morning… Next morning, I took the socks of and walked him around. No lameness and no stiffness. We went on to score lots of goals that Sunday.


Cruise above on the Sunday afternoon after playing 2 games. With his HIDEZ travel & recovery suit on
– Flop my retired polocrosse horse (30 years old ) is full of arthritis from many hard hits and years of playing. He was getting quite stiff and creaky in the mornings. Also seemed to be swelling due to lack of movement. So on went the Hidez socks and wow the next morning I swear it was a different horse. He was moving a lot more, no swelling and no creaky sounds.


Old Flop with the HIDEZ compression socks on. Flop is 30 years old.

– Cruise suffers foundering quite a bit since moving to the bottom of Mt Kaputar just out of Narrabri. He is closely managed but sometimes he is on the verge of foundering often. When this happens on go the Hidez socks and they reduce the swelling and increase his circulation so he is able to move freely. By using the socks I have not had to use prescription medication on him.


On my wish list is the HIDEZ active suit. Pictured below . I think this active suit will be awesome for the polox horses exercising in the middle of winter. When temps are 4 degrees at 7pm 2-1022x676



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