Kayellebee Contempt (Lenny)

Lenny is not so little anymore. He has now been at KLB for 3 months and he has grown so much. It took some juggling foods to get him to eat. But now he is thriving. He is currently on Oaten chaff, Prydes Bio Mare, Prydes Easi ride and Stamanol.

The Stamanol he has only been on for 3 weeks and the improvement in his coat has been amazing. I had previously used some other coat supplements and he hadn’t improved so i decided on a friends recommendation to try the Stamanol . I’m very happy with it and now all horses including the polocrosse and retired one all get some. Very economical when you are feeding it to more than 1 horse. They also love it licking their feed bins clean.

I am still to brand & register Lenny as i have been so busy with other things. But i’ve decided pending the ASHS approval his registered name will be Kayellebee Contempt. Lennys sire is Scotts Alibi so i tried to stick with the ‘law’ theme. Hence Contempt and Lenny (after Lenny Briscoe from Law & Order tv show)

Stamanol Website




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