Little Lenny the newest edition to KLB

Getting another horse so soon after loosing Miss Bree was defiantly not something i was looking for.  But sometimes the universe does things you are not sure of why at the time but Little Lenny has fitted in well. 

Lenny is a cute little 8 month old ASH foal. Currently not registered but he is able to. I’ve just got to get organized and design a brand for Kayellebee (KLB) then get him branded, gelded and do the paperwork. He has now been here 3 weeks and fitted right in as Cruise new buddy. Not sure how much longer that will last as Lenny is testing his patience by jumping all over him and destroying more rugs which is driving me insane. He might have to get some lessons in manners by cranky Old Flop. I’m sure he will sort him out.

Plans for 2016 with this little guy is to compete in the Led ASH classes at a few of the local Ag Shows and maybe some ASH branch shows as well.


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