August already, where has the time gone 

Already the second week in August OMG how quick this year has gone. So many things i still haven’t done.

Been busy with polox in last few weeks, not playing due to working my 9-5 job but there afterwards to watch. Took the camera and managed to get some awesome shots if i do say so myself 🙂 Went to NSW Zone Polocrosse down at Cassilis a few weekends ago. Early start as i decided to leave early Sunday morning to drive down and watch. Managed a nice sunrise shot on the way over.


It was a very busy carnival and we had at least 2 teams from NWP playing the same rounds most of the day, some even 3 teams. Was very hard to photograph all teams and i felt bad i missed an entire team altogether. If only i could clone myself 🙂

The below shot i didn’t know it was as awesome as it is until i was reviewing on the computer that night. How 2 polocrosse rackets can bend like that and not break is amazing.





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