Pally polox

Second polocrosse carnival back was at Pally carnival, first weekend in July. Cruise and i decided after a very busy week and me not having things packed to leave on Friday night we would do a very early start on the Saturday morning. It was freezing cold when we left home, at the bottom of Mt Kaputar. I’m sure there was snow up there but too dark to see when we left.

We had a win and a loss on Saturday. I was just grateful i managed to score some goals (as i was playing the No 1)

I checked Cruise before i headed to bed like i always do and found him with swollen legs 😦 luckily i don’t travel anywhere now without my HIDEZ compression suit & socks. I used the socks for the first time and  i was thinking based on the swelling i wouldn’t be playing him the next morning. I checked on him at daylight and was surprised the swelling had gone down and no lameness 🙂 We played another 2 awesome games but sadly with no wins. Cruise was a very happy horse hanging by the float in his HIDEZ suit whilst i was watching some very exciting A Grade games before we headed home.


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