Polocrosse comeback after a two year break

It has been nearly a month since my polocrosse comeback after a 2 year break. Cruise and i headed down the road to Coolah to play at Cassilis carnival. Our first time ever playing at their carnival. We arrived mid afternoon in showering rain. Not my ideal playing weather. Saturday morning was no better and we had showers of rain and clouds so low I’m sure i could touch them. First game i was extremely nervous, but i shouldn’t have been we played well even winning the game. I also managed to pick up the ball a few times and carry to our no 1 who scored the goals 🙂 awesome game.  Game 2 Cruise was back in the swing of things. He was getting out of the line ups faster than me, sometimes leaving me hanging on and I’m sure him thinking geez hold on girl we’ve got to get that ball. We ended up losing this game but we gave it a good shot. Sunday started with the biggest frost i have ever seen. There were icicles on the inside of the float and i didn’t want to get out. Game 3 was another tough game, both Cruise and i were back in game mode and i held on in those lineups this game. We fought hard in this game but we ending up losing.

Positive with playing round 3 was i was able to pack up and head back to Narrabri by lunchtime Sunday. Cruise was chilling out in the float wearing his HIDEZ compression suit. These suits are awesome for recovery, reduce lactic acid buildup, help with arthritis and more. I love them and want a human version i can wear driving home. He stepped of the float and cantered down the paddock whereas myself was limping around for a few hours.

If you would like some further info on the HIDEZ suits check our there website

HIDEZ – link to their website



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