I have always thought to myself that keeping a blog is a good idea. But having a full time job, horses and many other commitments i have never gotten around to it.

2015 is going to be a different year. I will start that blog and i will play least 3 polocrosse carnivals and i will do some local shows. Well there it’s written (typed) and i always do my lists 🙂

I live in a small country town and work at the local pharmacy. That takes up most of the daylight hours. I have 3 horses living with me and 1 vacationing at my parents place a few hours away from me.

Santenor – He is a small galloway that spent most of his early life as a Stock Horse show pony. This was after many many accidents as a yearling and many cuts & scrapes later. Not sure how he survived (or me) some of those but the saying ‘only the good ones hurt themselves’ is so true with him . He then has turned his hoof to polocrosse in the last few years as my other main polocrosse horse Cruise injured himself.


Cruise – i purchased him as a young 3yo with the intentions of keeping for a few years and sell on. But 15 years later i still have him with me. He is an awesome horse that you can leave for 6 months then jump on like no time has gone. Hence the reason i have never sold him on. He is abit peculiar as he doesn’t like been yelled at and is the worlds biggest sook if he has a slight scrap. Something that amuses me as he is a polocrosse horse


Miss Bee – I love this mare so much. I purchased her as a half broken in 3yo and after some injures to myself i sent her away to be shown professionally. And OMG she didn’t let us down. She is currently on an extended holiday (due to me been so busy ) at my parents place. I’m sure the only thing she misses is all the attention and food 🙂 Hopefully after winter 2015 i will bring her home and start showing her myself. Possibly in ASH classes with the odd open ect


Flop – my old retired polocrosse & pony club horse. He has been with me 20 years. He is now living the luxury life of retirement. He is still boss horse and lets Santenor & Cruise know it too. He has had some minor health issues over the last 2 years but seems bight and happy within himself.


Lets see how this blog thing goes. I am aiming to post at least twice a month but we will see how i go with that 🙂

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